Where Is Drayton Manor Theme Park?


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The Drayton Manor Theme Park is In Staffordshire close to Tamworth in England. It was first opened to the public in 1949 and has expanded substantially since. It is a park which is mainly focused on family fun and entertainment. It has a number or scenic rides. It stretches over around 280 acres of land. It attracts over one million visitors a year. It is recognised as a one of the most prominent theme park for families in Britain. In terms of the number of visitors it attracts it is the fourth most prominent park in the UK.

This years the Drayton Manor Theme Park has been awarded with Group Leisure's 'Best UK Attraction and Coach Tourism awarded it 'UK Attraction of the Year'. It most popular ride is StormForce 10. Other rides the park offers include The Apocalypse, Shockwave, Pirate Adventure, Excalibur, Pandemonium and G-Force.

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