Where Are Indoor Water Parks In Maryland?


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The three main indoor water parks in Maryland are made up of the Francis Scott Key Family Resort, the Germantown Indoor Swim Center and the Crosswinds Resort. Maryland has fewer water parks due to its shorter summers, but the Crosswinds Resort (when it opens) will be one of the 10 largest indoor water parks in the United States.

Francis Scott Key Family Resort is located in Ocean City. With lodges, hotel rooms and vacation rentals, it doesn’t have to be visited for just one day. Built in 1953 and located across from the Ocean City Factory Outlet Mall, the Francis Scott Key Family Resort is always kept at 84 degrees F. With a recently added Caribbean Key Indoor Theme Pool, the pirate décor includes island murals and palm trees. The water park itself includes waterfalls, dumping buckets, pipe falls, water slides, a heated amusement pool and a spouting whale. At night, the dine-in movies offer family-friendly films on a drop-down screen.

The Germantown Indoor Swim Center can be found in Boyds. Open 14 hours a day, seven days a week and for 50 weeks a year, the center isn’t suitable for anyone who wants to stay for a couple of days, but is packed with activities for a day trip. A competition pool, recreation pool, leisure pool and two hydrotherapy pools fill the 60,000 sq ft of space at this facility. The leisure pool is great for kids with slides, buckets and water umbrellas. The competition isn’t all serious, it is also scattered with water slides reaching lengths as much as 200 ft that take swimmers out into the leisure pool.

Currently being built, Crosswinds Resort is set to be one of the best indoor water parks in the US. Taking over 31 acres near the Baltimore-Washington International Airport, it will be a full resort including hotel rooms, restaurants, a cinema complex and entertainment venues. The 145,000 sq ft of aquatic activities will vary from whirlpool spas to water coasters.
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Well I know only one which is Indoor Water Park Resort but this project is in the planning steps and will open in late 2009 or early 2010 in McHenry, Maryland.
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Indoor water park open to hotel guests and the general public. tanzania holiday
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This Gaithersburg city park has several water attractions to enjoy, including shallow play areas in the main pool - www.puretravel.com
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I've been to Chesapeke Water Park in I'm pretty sure it's in   Gaithersburg.That has several water slides and a little kid area just like one of you were saying.

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