Camping for my 18th? Good idea or bad? Also, if camping is a good option, what fun party activities could take place?


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Yes. Camping is an adventure so I am sure even teens at your age will surely want to go camping especially when its your birthday! Set up activities such as good old story telling, night swimming, treasure hunting, or a good ice breaker game. You can also do spin the bottle, it's always a classic.
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I love camping, I think it is a good idea to go camping for your birthday are you going with friends or family ? As for activities it is aways a good idea to go where there is a good swimming hole,also a treasure hunt, making up scary stories around the camp fire [as long as theres no fire bans].Don't forget the airo guard and watch out for them there snakes lol :))
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Thanks, there are no fire bans at the place I usually go camping which is good, camp isn't complete without one!

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