Which Games And Activities Can Make A Farewell Party A Big Success?


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You can ask questions to the guests like
who is wearing two different socks please come on stage n join us
who has got more than the required cosmetics with her
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Farewell parties, just like any other party, should have a lot of interactive stuff for the guests. Your choice of activities should depend on the kind of people you are throwing the farewell party for. For example, a farewell party for high school graduates should have different activities than that for university graduates.

However certain things are common to all parties and should be taken good care of, no matter who the party is for:

1. You should make sure the venue is appropriate for the kind of party you are throwing. It should have enough space, light etc and should be easily accessible.
2. Music: Good music is necessary for any party. A party just is not a party without quality music. Make sure the music you choose is something that everybody is going to enjoy. It is preferable that the music should have a danceable beat.
3. The second most important thing, or maybe even the first most important thing, is food. Make sure there is enough food for everyone. And it is something that is enjoyed by everyone.
4. Interactive Games. You should have games for your guests. These can vary according to the ages and interest of your guests. For example, you can have singing competitions, food competitions. Etc.

I hope you throw a wonderful party and enjoy it :)
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Egg toss .I know it sounds lame but can you do it.three legged race.again sounds lame but it will make memories for a lifetime.especially if make people pair with people they don't know.tug of war,pie eating contest.how about a sort of school wide amazing race solving puzzles and treasures hidden around the school.how about relay races trying to carry some messy foods while balancing them on a tray.someone is bound to make a mess/have fun getting dirty.how about just having a school carnival with the regular games.ring toss,dunk tank,get the basketball through the hoop,throwing darts at balloons. How about a softball game(with a cook out/have everyone bring a plate of food and have a huge picnic/buffet style)or go really old school and have a kick ball game.how about all of the above. I don't know if this is for the whole school or just one class.
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Any kind of dinner party game should go over well.  Murder Mystery games can be great fun for larger groups if they're organised well and you have a good compere to get everyone enthusiastic about participating.  They work particularly well if you can organise them around a theme - in this case, perhaps around classes/professors everyone has in common... Or naming rooms/places where the murder may have taken place after campus locations/dorm rooms/classes/social clubs etc.  If you're more interested in a series of games, there are some great suggestions here: adulted.about.com

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