Do u think there will be a NFL season this year?


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Theyll pull out something last minute just for the fans
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Maria Not Telling
Hope so
Arthur Wright
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Alot of what theyre doing si more drama than we see on here. If the players were so worried about the owners making so much money after their own extremely huge salaries, then why dont they start their own team and share the piece of the pie
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I'm pretty sure there will Maria, as there is too much money to be made from advertising, media and corporate sponsorship within the NFL to pass up this opportunity.Fans viewer figures and merchandising are both aspects which the NFL administrators can't afford to ignore.
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Yes I think there will, it is the Americas national game, I can't see them losing out on all that money.
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There might be, but it might be minor league player that you never heard of. Too many of my favorites quit this year, but it may be cool because Jake Locker just became the starting Qb at LaLa Land (Tennessee) after Kerry Collins quits. He'll never be a Kerry Collins though. Plus another one of my favorites went back to college. Mike Vrabel became the new linesman coach for the battered Ohio State. But there are rumors that Brett Favre may come back. :P LoL
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Most definitely yes!  What would I do without Football on Sundays??  Probably go to church more.

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