I Have Old Half Dollars And Susan B Anthony Dollars, Are They Worth Anything?


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In a short answer, No.
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Wow..those are collector's items already. You can keep that as a treasure. But if you like to dispose of those items, make sure you get the right value for you might not have those again.
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You can have them as collector's items. As of now, we don't know how much they may be worth. At any rate, collector's items are always priceless to the collector. You can wait for exact time when you want to give them up. But if I were you, I'll keep them, unless it's really necessary to exchange them for good value when the need arises. The older the money is, the more valuable it becomes.
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It will take a while for their value to rise. Hold on to them and leave them to your children. They may be worth more in their time than yours. Old coins are generally worth many times their face value. I suggest that you head to your local library and look for a coin collector's value book. The more recent the publish date the more up to date the value of the coins is. I hope that this answers your question. ^_^

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