How many teams are there in formula one (a.k.a. F1)?


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In the Formula 1 there could be as many as 14 teams racing in F1 in 2010.
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Craig Whetton
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No im sure that is incorrect as that would mean 28 racers would be racing at once which would be quite a bit cramped on the track
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For the 2010 F1 Season, there were 12 teams, each consisting of two drivers - Mclaren-Mercedes, Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes GP, Red Bull Racing, AT&T Williams, Renault, Force India, Scuderia Toro Rosso, Lotus Racing, Hispania Racing (HRT), BMW Sauber and Virgin Racing. The maximum they allowed this year was 13, according to the FIA. For the 2011 F1 season, all 12 teams are almost confirmed to return.

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