Ladies, do you like to swim fully clothed?


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Rhianne Carew Profile
Rhianne Carew answered
YES!! Why not? It's like "to be or not to be" like if you do, you don't die... If you don't, just to keep your dignity...  You DiE...hehe lol
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
I've  Done It. Like If It's 93 And I've Just Had A Long Walk Round The Apartment..  I Have Jumped In The Pool In My  Shorts And Tank Top..
But Normally I Use My Swimsuit By Itself. I Don't Use Like A Cover Up Or Anything In The Pool.We Have Two Nine Foot Pools Here At The Apartment  So There Is Plenty Of Space For Me To Swim.  I Don't Care What People Think Of How I Look. Most Adult Women Here Won't Take Off Their Shirt  Or Shorts That's Covering Their Swimsuit At The Pool. They Just  Sit On A Chair Sunning Them Self. So Afraid Of Being Judged I Guess.
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Bob C.
Bob C. commented
Could have dessert waiting for you once we get out.
Annie Devore
Annie Devore commented
Now You're After My Soul... Big Guy
Bob C.
Bob C. commented
I know the way to your heart. With a giant chocolate cream pie planted perfectly in that pretty face of yours.
Susan Brownlee Profile
Susan Brownlee answered
Nope striped down right there and jump my lil white ass in.
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Bob C.
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Hmmm, You're a naughty girl...
Bob C.
Bob C. commented
Ha, maybe next time, you'll jump in the pool in your skirt, blouse, and heels.
Viki Cashmore Profile
Viki Cashmore answered
Depends wherever I am sober or not lol.
osaira mcfeegle Profile
osaira mcfeegle answered
NOPE!!!! My way nude or in a thong
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
Hahaha no I wont
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Bob C.
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But think of all the fun you'd be having!
Sarah commented
Ya it wuld but it would also be uncomfortable
Chloe Brisco Profile
Chloe Brisco answered
I don't like swimming so but I suppose if I were to go swimming I would be decently clothed yes (:
Call me... Alma Profile
Call me... Alma answered
If I was really hot and there was a nice, cold swimming pool right in front of me, then yes I would jump in.(: Otherwise I would put my bathing suit on.
elizabeth Profile
elizabeth answered
Fully clothed? Nagh! I drown I live in my jeans most of the time. Theyd pull me right down. And I hate wet socks not cool.
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Bob C.
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Then we take you shopping for proper swim attire, ie, the above mentioned. Haha
Hannah Neon Profile
Hannah Neon answered
Haha. Not naked but I would take off all the uneccessary accessories and clothing. Then yeah I would. Haha.

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