Girls, have you ever went swimming fully clothed?


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Artemis Athans Profile
Artemis Athans answered
Yes, it was a hot day and my boss had a meeting and pulled her in with me. Good thing she was a good friend. LOL! :)
Delores Christine Profile
Yes I have. Talk about having a second skin.
Allie or Al Ranslett Profile
I have jumped in with jeans and a tshirt.
Jillian Peppe Profile
Jillian Peppe answered
No I have not, but if the situation did present itself I wouldn't mind a bit, but serious, I have question for you Mr. Pieman, what's with all the formal wear, is that your ultimate dream that you have???? I noticed each question deals with nice outfits or cream pies, just wondering!!!!  LOL!!!!
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Bob C.
Bob C. commented
You are just too much fun, you know that.
Jillian Peppe
Jillian Peppe commented
Why thank you Mr. Pieman, but at the start you did say there was fun to be had and you weren't kidding!!!! Hahahaaaa!!!! =D
Bob C.
Bob C. commented
When it comes to wet look and pie play, I never kid around.
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
Yep my friend one time pushed me it was awful
doctor C Profile
doctor C answered
Only when family and friends were present,alone fully nude natural swimming for me
Susan Brownlee Profile
Susan Brownlee answered
Yes, but once I got in the pool  (I had my 500 dollar prom dress on)I ripped my dress off and stayed in nude, lol (I wasn't sober, lol)

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