When you go for your black belt in karate is it scary?


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Dear Choco, When going a Black Belt Test is like going for your Board exam.
You may feel Slightly down. Then when you start doing it. You ll expose what all you ve learnt al those years. Scary is a part of life. It comes n Disappears. Donot Feel for sacre an all. When I attended my 1st Dan test really I was afraid. Before entering the test room my sampei said " they are not going to ask you anything new, you are going to expose your talent" Then I came with 86.7 as ranked no 1. Then my test with All India Karate Federation. I had no fear As well I started I got pissed off. The Judges Asked Kata Basathai in shito Style were I learned shorin. Just think of my situation....? I got the lowest mark in that. But overall I was ranked no 7 out of 1000's. You feel How ? Judges gave me 15min time to prepare it. Out of fear I learned in 10min n approached in front of the judges.

Scary makes a man or makes down a man. Its the thing how you take it..

All the best..
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No I don't get afraid ever. I was born a man and I will never back down. If you posted this question you are just deep down afraid, hence not a man.

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