What Are The Four Major Styles Of Karate?


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There are four major styles of karate that are practiced today. These four styles are: Shito-ryu, Goju-ryu, Shotokan-ryu, and Wado-ryu. Below is a description of each of these four styles.

The style of Shito-ryu was originally founded by Mabuni. This style is made up of a combination of Shorei-ryu and Shorin-ryu, although, this combination appears to make Shito-ryu more like Goju-ryu combined with Shokotan-ryu.

This style of karate maintains its power and artistic license whilst still being very fast. The style of Shito-ryu also includes weapon arts, Kobudo, and occasionally sword arts, Laido. This inclusion of these two arts makes the style of Shito-ryu unique.

The style of Gojo-ryu was originally founded by Miyagi. This style has its roots in Shorei-ryu, which makes the most of up and down stances and relies heavily on the power of internal breathing. This is quite commonly known as "hard and soft" techniques. Kata which is involved in styles such as Sanchin and Rhoai shows off the techniques of Gojo-ryu well.

This style has strong roots in Shorin-ryu, and it was originally founded by Funakoshi. This style puts a lot of emphasis on physical power and makes great use of long linear stances. This style has a lot of history behind it and it was one of the first styles of karate to become introduced in Japan in the 1920's. The powerful kata style which is often seen in Bassai is a very typical feature of this style of karate.

This style is considered to be a derivative of the style Shokotan-ryu which was mentioned earlier. This means that a lot of the features of the two styles are the same or very similar. This style was originally founded by a Ohtsuka, who was a student of Funakoshi, who founded the style of Shokotan-ryu, which explains why the two styles have so much in common.

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