How do I find a jones VX500 sewing machine manual?


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Connor Sephton answered is a great website to visit when you're looking for a manual, so chances are, you will be able to find the manual you are looking for on this website. offers 1000s of industrial and domestic sewing machine manuals. All of the manuals they offer, too, will be available either in the form of PDF or on CD.

• Where else to go

If you cannot find the model of sewing machine that you need on this website then you will still have a few options in front of you. What many people do is go straight back to the store that they bought the sewing machine from. If you did not receive a manual when you purchased the machine then something must have gone wrong, and in this instance you will have the right to go back to the store and request the manual that you should have been provided with in the first place.  Just speak to a member of staff and they will direct you to the right department of the store to talk about returns or assistance.

If you bought your sewing machine second hand, however, then it would have been 'sold as seen' and you would not be able to go back and ask for a manual. Instead, you will have to try getting in touch with the manufacturer or looking on their website. Many manufacturers offer pages on their website that let you look at the different specs of different models of sewing machines, and their respective manuals. Simply get in touch with the manufacturer if you're not sure how to operate your machine properly and they should be able to help you. Simply use their numbers and addresses found on their 'contact us' page on their website.

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