How Do You Thread A White Xl 1760 Sewing Machine? I Lost My Manual


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If you have lost the manual for your White XL1760 sewing machine, then you should be able to find it by visiting the Manuals Online website. There is a link for the manual that you are missing on this page -
Alternatively, you can try to follow the following steps for threading a sewing machine, as outlined on

• Lift the needle up as high as possible and then lift the presser foot to allow the thread to pass through the threading points
• Put a spool thread on the spool pin on top of the sewing machine
• Get the thread and pass it through the threading points at the top of the machine, then pass it towards the tension assembly
• Now push the thread under the tension assembly then up through the following threading point. Then push the thread end through the lever which is situated at the top left of the sewing machine.
• Thread the needle from either the needle's back or front, depending on the type of machine you have.
• Work a couple of inches of thread through the needle and place a wound bobbin into the machine, then close the throat plate
• Take hold of the thread that you have threaded through the machine needle and turn the hand wheel in your direction until the needle disappears completely into the bobbin case
• Keep hold of the thread and turn the hand wheel so that the needle rises.
• Pull the thread out to your left to draw the bobbin thread out, then allow the top thread to go to let the end come up.

A more detailed step-by-step guide is available at

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