What are some games like social star?


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Neha Agrawal answered
Social star is one of the 3D virtual worlds, where you can be a superstar. There are several other games available which are similar games to social star, these include:

  • Sorority Life
Sorority Life allows you to meet new exciting and sexy people every day. You can throw parties, flirt with people and just generally enjoy life.
  •   Fashion Wars
You can dress in the most royal look according to your perception, for the best feel good factor. Different costumes are easy and can allow everyone to feel sexy. You can dress in the manner you like as well as give feedback on others' dress sense, and can have a peep where it was collected from so that you can grab one next time you visit.
  • Star Fever Agency
You can make unlimited friends from different levels including high end and rich friends. Star Fever Agency allows you to be a party animal all the time.

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