What kost the ancre ligne droite 15 Rubis Levies Visibles clock?


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Your question doesn't make much sense, and this means I can't really help you all this much. When you are looking for a helpful answer on Blurtit, you need to be really specific to get a result. When asking a question, you need to use grammar as best you can and word the question as best you can. This means that everybody reading the question will understand what you are saying, and they will also understand what it is that you are asking. In this instance, I'm struggling to understand precisely what you mean. Hence, all I can do is give you some advice that will help you get a better answer to the question in the future.

  • Reword your question

If you want your answer to still be answered on Blurtit, which would be a great idea, then you should consider rewording your question. You should be using full grammar and correct spelling to ensure that you can get your message across and the kind community in Blurtit can help you with your question. So try again, maybe. You could perhaps include some references and information with your question as well, if the topic is complicated. This would give us all the chance to do some of our own research to help you.

  • Is there a chat room concerning the matter?

If there is a chat room on the Internet that looks at this particular topic, then you should join it. There are many kinds of chat rooms, including instant chat rooms, and forums. You can find discussion boards about pretty much anything these days, meaning that you are bound to be able to find the answer to your question on these sites - and if not, there is bound to be someone on the board who will be able to help you. Just post your question and without any doubt, somebody will be bound to help you.

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