How much is a $50 Dollar Bill for 1969 worth?


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The price of the dollar bill that you have is going to be around the price of $55 to $80. It is going to depend on whether or not the bill was circulated and for how long. If it is pristine and was not circulated, then you can expect the higher price of $80 but nothing more. As the dollar bill is not that old you are not going to be able to get too much for it. There are still going to be some within people's possessions and therefore it may be worth waiting a longer amount of time before you think about selling the dollar bill to ensure that you can get a better price. If you were to sell the bill now there are many different places that you can do it:

· eBay

You will be surprised at how many are selling money on eBay. They are going to have a range in prices and you can be sure that you are going to be getting the best price for you and that you are not going to be disappointed. EBay is popular around the world and there is going to be someone who is going to pay top price for the dollar bill that you have.

· Specialist store

Within a specialist store you are also going to be able to sell the dollar bill, however they are going to want to make a profit off the bill and therefore they are not going to offer you too much for the bill, however you will have a sale.

It is all going to depend on how you want to sell the bill and whether you want to ensure a sale with a professional or try and sell it online and try to get a better price than you have been offered.

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