We Have Found A 1835 One Cent Piece With 13 Stars On The Front . The Coin Is The Size Of A Half Dollar. Please What Do You Think The Value Of The Coin Is?


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You have what is known as a Coronet Cent. A coins value (like all collectibles) depends on numerous factors such as its condition, denomination, country of origin, type, mintmark (if any), errors, etc. The value of your particular coin is much more dependent on these factors than most. In good condition (depending on its exact type) the value can range from $40 all the way to $20,000. I know that this doesn't help much, but this is one of those types of coins that I would have to see in order to appraise. If you send me some pictures (leave a shout on my profile and I'll give my email) then I could easily tell you its approximate value.
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This coin has a hole in it like someone drill for a neckles. Also what is a coronet cent.
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It's worth 1 cent if you spend it, and possibly a little bit more for simply the metal. Otherwise, not much.
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This is something you need to talk to a coin dealer about. There aren't really many people that know the true value of a coin, and this is what these people do all the time. Hope this helps, good luck to you, and remember me in your will. Lol

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