Where Can I Buy A Soft Toy Panda In London?


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There are probably a number of retailers in London from whom you'd be able to pick up a soft toy panda - London is the shopping capital of the world, after all!

One place I'd recommend is a cute little shop called Ho Panda, which is located just off Piccadilly Circus.

Shopping for panda soft toys

Ho Panda is one of those cute little Japanese-looking shops that you'll find every so often in London. As the name suggests, these guys have a real passion for all things panda, so your options will not be limited to soft toys. In fact, you'll be able to pick up everything from giant panda head cushions through to slippers adorned with panda designs.

And finding the store is pretty straightforward too! It's located inside the Trocadero Centre, which is like a mini-shopping centre in the heart of London. The full address is: 13 Great Windmill Street, Trocadero, London, and the shop is located on the ground floor of the complex.

Where else can I buy a soft toy panda?

Well, you could do a lot worse than paying a visit to London's toy shop emporium Hamleys if you're after a soft toy panda. Hamleys is like the Harrods of toys and has become more than just a toy shop but rather something of a must-visit tourist attraction. As you can imagine, they stock a wide variety of soft toys, and pandas are certainly included!

Ping Ping Panda is the name of one model they stock, and is available to preview on their website in case you want to check it out before making the trip to the actual store.
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There are many toy stores in London but not all of them stock panda soft toys. The best store that you can visit is Hamleys, which is located at Regent Street, London. It is one of the largest toy shops in the world (seven storeys) and is dedicated solely to toys and games. Hamleys stocks pandas in all sizes which are priced right from £9.99 to £59.99.

Over the years, the Teddy Bear and Puppy soft toys grew increasingly popular and were soon available in every posture, shape, size and colour. Although the gentle soulful panda became a forgotten animal, it later started receiving recognition as a universal symbol of the WWF. Today, this soft toy is being marketed largely with the view to promoting wildlife interest and conservation. Buying a panda is the first step towards teaching a small child about the natural world and the need for protecting it.

By buying a panda soft toy, parents can teach their children the responsibilities and choices they will face when they are grown up. The panda has much to teach a young child and is a far better toy than most, as it serves a higher purpose.

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