What Are The Indigenous Materials To Make Handicraft Products?


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Aluminum Crafts
Splendid designs with panache, Indian artisans produce marvelous work of aluminum crafts each unique in their own way blending perfectly the antique & contemporary art work.

Bead Crafts
Beads of transparent & semi transparent nature are pleasingly used to give shape to varied aesthetically appealing products helping in enhancing the overall impact on the onlookers.

Brass Crafts
Brass craft ornamentation always have a spell bounding effect on people with their minute & detailed engravings highlighting the effortless beauty put into them by the dexterous craftsmen.

Glassware depicts the richness & sophistication of the traditional art craft coupled with elegance & frailness. An ultimate decorative item, glassware products have never lost the enigmatic spell.

Paper Crafts
Bring color to life by decorating the environment with attractively handcrafted paper products available in unique range of designs, vibrant hues & variety
The raw appeal imparted to the varied products through engravings done on forged iron Materials adds a classy touch to any setting projecting the rich tradition of ironware.

Grace the pristine beauty of a living space with the extraordinarily crafted ivory ware products, thus, reminder of the rich past culture & tradition with their masterful cuts, carvings & designs.

Leather Crafts
Leather crafts have always enamored people with their soft & royal sheen & rich material. Available in a wide range of products, leather has been in usage since ages without losing its timeless charm.
Metal Crafts
Metal crafts have lured the customers with their refined artwork. Be it copper, bronze or non ferrous elements, all appeal the eyes when coupled with inlay work & embellishments.

Pa pier Mac-he Crafts
Alluring crafts made of waste paper Materials, paper mac-he crafts have created a niche market for themselves successfully with wild imaginations carved out beautifully on these Materials.

The age old tradition of pottery has been kept alive by craftsmen blending the antique with modern designs. Adorn the setting with these ethnic crafts available in wide range of designs.

Stone Crafts
Stone crafts find place in any setting due to their extreme functional aspect. Be it kitchen, garden, office or a public place, stone crafted products have immense importance.

Silver Crafts
Owing to the unique appeal and intricate craftsmanship of adept Indian craftsmen, there is a huge demand of aesthetically created silver crafts.
Terracotta Crafts
Terracotta work has always enhanced the decor with their appealing beauty leaving people dumbstruck. Giving shape to varied figurines & plaques, these earthenware are worth possessing.

Vibrant colors with intricate & interesting patterns impart a definitive character to the varied facets of Indian textile, thus, constantly introducing the customers to the rich Indian textile tradition.

Wood Crafts
Redefine the appearance of the home furnishing area by incorporating distinct decorative items in wood Materials. Shaped with fine cuts, intricate detailed work, imaginative designs make them look unique.
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Different handicrafts
use different materials.There are so many kinds of material.  For example, crockery use soil.
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'NETTY' a soft wood which can be pressed by the fingers resembles as spongy wood .

Mostly in Tamil Nadu people are decorating their cattles  using with that of material
as an ornament at the time of Pongal festival
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It depends on the craft. Needlework uses thread, needles and fabric; woodwork uses wood; jewelry crafts use a variety of items including precious metals, gems, wood, seeds and such.

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