What Are The Indigenous Materials Use For Handicraft Making?


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In theory, the true and correct answer to this question is it depends where you are located. The word indigenous means native or local, and so indigenous materials are the materials which can be found in the area local to you. Therefore anything which you can make using local produce would be counted as handicraft from indigenous materials. Examples of indigenous materials could include:

• Wood

• Metals

• Glass

• Coal

• Cotton

• Wool

• Porcelain

• Gemstones or general stone

• Shells

• Hard nut shells

Many crafts use local material as this is what can be sourced relatively cheaply and easily with no transportation costs to factor in. Often materials which are abundant in certain areas will end up being symbolic of the region and will often be used to make crafts which will be sold in the area's gift shops. These materials can also be symbolic of certain trades of the region, for example in some areas of the UK where coal mining was the main industry; coal carving was a popular handicraft activity. Pieces of coal are carved into local animals or even historical places of interest and sold throughout the region in a variety of craft and local shops.

Just about any material can be used in handicrafts, it just takes some imagination. Find items in your area whether it be stones, wood or shells from the local beach or cheap off-cuts or remnants of mined products; these will be available cheaply and can be easily made into very beautiful craft items and even sold on to local shops, especially if you live in a touristy area.
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Bamboo, rattan, buri, anahaw, tambo, wood, shells, capiz, jusi, pinya cloth, seeds, leaves, abaca, coconut shell
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Indigenous materials would be the materials that people have at hand, in their homes, gardens and shops. The most common would be wood, cotton, grasses, clay, fruits for dye colors, oils for paints and animal products such as feathers, leather, parchment, and glue.

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