How Much Is Royal China Warranted 22 Kt Gold Plates Worth?


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As with most antique and collectible items, the price you will be able to sell your plates for depends on who is buying them. You may find that collectors will pay fairly well if they need certain pieces to complete a collection, and it is almost certain that a private sale will make more money than selling to an antique dealer.

The value of your plates will also depend on the year of manufacture, the type of plate, and the condition. An immaculate plate will reach a far higher value than a damaged one. You may also find that a complete set is worth more than the sum of its parts to many people - so if you are planning on listing them for sale, it would be wise to sell the plates in one lot.

Based on current prices on online auction website, most Royal China Warranted 22Kt gold plates sell for between $10 and $15 each, with sales mostly using the 'buy it now' feature. Selling your plates in an auction format may increase the money you make from them.

Items such as these tend to increase in value as time goes on, providing they are kept in optimum condition. For this reason, they are often kept and handed down between generations as heirlooms. A set of fine china that is several generations old can be a very good asset, but their value may not increase much in the span of one lifetime.

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