What Is The Value Of A Royal China Warranted 22kt Gold Paden City Pottery Plate?


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There many things that determine the value of antique pottery plates. The age, pattern, maker, and condition are all part of the valuation process. If the plate has too many age cracks, the overall value can decrease. It is difficult to pin down the precise value without actually knowing a little more information about plate. However, here are some general facts that may help to get in the ballpark.

Paden City Pottery began in 1914 in Paden City, West Virginia. The company only made dinnerware. It was in business until 1953, and during its existence made several different patterns. The Greenbrier line is a plain, solid collared dark green set in round shapes. They came in several different shades of green. A 12 and 3/4-in plate is worth about $62.00. A six and 1/8-in plate and this same pattern is worth about $10.00. The Minion pattern is a square form of plate that came in a variety of colors, including a green that is very similar to the greenbrier. It ranges about the same price as the Greenbrier series.

The Rosalee series is one of the most popular in collectible of Paden city pottery. This series features a floral design on a cream colored background. A dinner plate that is nine 7/8 inches across goes for approximately $15.00.

Blue Willow was a line that began in 1937. The design was embossed into the body of the piece and then glazed with the deep blue so the design shows through. There were only seven different pieces made and they were sold as breakfast and lunch and sets.

The Elite was produced in 1936 and had shell finials and feet. It came with decal decorations of hollyhocks, iris, and a design known as Paden Garden. There were other floral designs available such as Sunray, Wristeria, and Caliente. The line was sold by Montgomery Ward.

The following website contains more information about the various patterns found in Paden City pottery: In general, most pieces go for under $70.
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I was just doing a research for a plate just like that. I'm sorry I can't help you but if I find something in my search I'll post here and let you know.

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