How Much Is A David Fisher Sculpture Worth?


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There does not seem to be an agreed value of David Fisher sculptures online and so the best way to get the most accurate valuation is to ask a local art dealer.

If you actually own the sculpture then it is certainly worth taking it with you to the art dealers or if it is of considerable size you should take plenty of detailed photographs of it to show the dealer.

If you are unsure of where your local art dealer may be situated then if you are based in the UK head to:
• You will see the page is split up into different regions and areas and so simply select your region to view all the appropriate art dealers.

If you are based in the United States then head to: • Type in the name of your local town or city and then 'art dealers'
• Click on appropriate sites that come up and you should be able to find their contact details and location

Even if you do intend to sell your David Fisher sculpture it is best to tell the art dealer from the very start you are not willing to sell it to them. Therefore they are more likely to give you a more accurate valuation of the piece rather than holding a bit back so they can make a profit from it later on.

If you don't have to time to head down to an art dealers then there are some websites that claim they can value your item by only viewing a photograph of it. They do charge a small fee for the valuation but it comes from an expert in that field.

Some of the following websites offer this valuation service:

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