What's The Traditional Name Of The Red Cape That The Matador Uses In Bullfighting?


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"Capa/Capote", more correctly known as "Capa de brega", is the traditional name of the red cape that a matador uses in bullfighting. In the end he uses a "Muleta" or a smaller cape and ceremonially either spares or annihilates the bull. 

These days, bullfighting is becoming less traditional though, and there are lots of variations on things like the capa.
One example of just how much the sport has changed is this unusual phenomenon in Mexico:

Bullfighting terminology   
An "Aficionado" or a bullfighting enthusiast can inform you of where exactly to buy your "billet" or an "Abono", which is a subscription ticket. He can also tell you that it's preferable to sit in the "Sombra" or the shady side of the arena. He will particularly know which "Ganadaria" or family line the bull originates from.

A famous aficionado is Pierce Brosnon in the movie 'The Matador'.

When you buy the 'billette' ticket or an 'Abono' subscription ticket, during "Temporada" or the traditional season when a "corrida de toros" or a bullfight is taking place between a "matador" or a professional bullfighter and a bull from preferably a "Ganadaria" (a family line of bulls), in the "Ruedo" or the arena where they meet and if you are seated preferably in the "Sombra" or the shady side of the arena, away from any loud "Aficionado" or bullfighting enthusiast, you will watch the Matador use his "Capa/Capote", making "Veronicas" or slow low passes at the beginning and from there take you through an exhilarating yet controversial display, ending with him brandishing a "Muleta" or a smaller cape used near the end of the bullfight, and either sparing or annihilating the bull.

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