What Is The Value Of A Bottle Of Moet & Chandon Cuvee Dom Perignon Vintage 1988?


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"Vintage" is a bad word when connected to champagne.
The best vintages are kept to create blends for the following years.
The worthless vintages(such as vintage 1988 Moet Chandon) are sold at Sam's club or similar,...sometimes bottled in New York,not in France.
Red wine is the reverse : The good vintages are valued and fetch a higher price.
When discussing champagne,substitute "village" for the word "vintage".
The addendum "village"(as in BeaujolaisVillage) means a blend of discarded wines which
did not make the cut.
The opposite is true for champagne. The BEST is kept;
inferior vintages are sold as "vintage".
Good ones are kept to be included in future blends.

If it simply says "1988 Moet Chandon",it is assumed to be a blend.
If it says :"vintage 1988 moet chandon" stay away from it.

[by LGL, wine connaisseur extraordinaire]

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