When Was The First Ski Lift Built?


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Ski lifts consist of a chair elevated with the help of steel cables strung between two end terminals; the network can transport up to 4000 people per hour depending on the distance and the operating speed which is generally 12 meters per second.

The first ski lift or chair lift as it is also known was built at Sun Valley in Idaho, United States for the local ski resort. It was installed in 1936 at Proctor Mountain one of the principal ski mountains of the Sun Valley ski resort. It was designed by engineer James Curran of the Union Pacific Railroad's engineering department at Omaha.

The design of the ski lift was somewhat similar to the mining tram used by miners in Alaska to ski. Some other contraptions similar to the ski lifts were used for different purposes well before the first ski lift was installed; for example chairlifts were used in Grass Valley California in 1896 and in British Columbia in 1874

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