What Is Sweden's Most Popular Sport?


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Sweden is considered as a very successful nation in International sports scenario. It has a warm pleasant weather which helps in creating lots of enthusiasts in sports in each moment. Here are the names of the most popular sports in Sweden:-

•Football or soccer: Sweden has a number of qualified talented players in football. The most famous and internationally awarded team is IFK- Göteborg

•Ice hockey: This is one of the most popular sports in Sweden. Tre Kronor is the Swedish Ice hockey team who has won gold medal in Olympics (1994) and also entitled 6 times with the World Championships.

•Bandy - The fastest team sport in the world.

•Athletics: This is also very famous throughout Sweden and they have the history of success in it.

•Orienteering: This is also very famous in Sweden. This sport is about a running through a predefined course as fast as possible.

•Gymnastics: Sweden provided outstanding performance in this sport area both in national and international level.

•Swimming: Sweden has been internationally awarded and also held world records several number of times in this area

There are few more famous sports in Sweden like Martial Arts, Riding Sports, etc.
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`I would Say Ice Hokey or Soccer.-PM Rudd

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