What Is The Most Competitive Sport In The World?


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The most competitive sport in the world, and the most popular, is conversation.
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It's a sport you play against yourself to see if you have guts to try it a second time. Eventually, you usually lose. It's Russian Roulette.
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Why a thumbs down? What could be more competitive than you against chance. You choose the odds see how competitive you REALLY are. Where boasting and guts come to the fore.
emma loveees youuu xo
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What if two people sit across from each other and use the same weapon. Wouldn't that be sporting?
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Making it into the shortest line in
a supermarket before anyone can
get there ahead of you. ;-p
(especially before some sort of holiday or
before the Super Bowl)
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I'd Say Car Racing.. Like Indy 500 Or Daytona 500 They Drive  180.. Around And Around Trying To  Cause Wreck Ups. They Are All Prima Donnas..  Think  Jeff Gordon ??
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The most competitive sport in the world is basketball. At my middle aged years I have just started learning how to play, and it is tough. I play indoor soccer fairly well and by far basketball kicks my butt. You have to run non-stop forever and be strong in many ways. The game is constant high energy. I have played many sports and feel basketball to be the toughest and most competitive.
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In my opinion, it must definitely be hockey. Hockey is by far more constant action than baseball, more violent hits than in soccer, all the players move faster and more constantly than in football.  A hockey player plays his game on 2 thin blades on a sheet of ice  while chasing a puck or hitting a puck that can be moving up to 90 miles an hour when it has been hit by a slap shot.  Yep, in my opinion the most competitive sport is hockey.  It does not have the largest fan following but it's a winner in my book.
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Its football =)
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I would say cheer believe it or not or maybe kick boxing I do them both
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Cheeringleading is lame in my eyes, though it requires lots of strength if done competitively. Definitely not most competitive though. Kickboxing is close.
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Very interesting question

I don't know for sure but a lot of sports are really competitive like
Hockey, and Football. Other sports like Swimming Diving Skateboarding,
Dirt biking
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I'm not that into sports other than football and baseball but football seems to be very competitive

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