What Are The Strangest Restaurants In The World?


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Dinner in the Sky

“AHHHHH! THIS STEAK IS DELICIOUS BUT—BUT…AHHHHHHH!” is the general reaction of those that eat at the traveling restaurant called Dinner in the Sky. Dinner in the Sky is one of the most absurd experiences one can have while eating, and perhaps the most terrifying as you and your party of up to 22 are no longer confined to the restrictions of a building.

The entire table is suspended via crane 165 feet in to the air with a server at the center making sure you are properly attended to.  In terms of pricing, Dinner in the Sky is what one can consider “Are you insane?!” kind of money. $11,400 gets you their services for 8 hours, not including catering which is an independent cost that Dinner in the Sky has nothing to do with.

On top of that, the insurance fees are extremely high; thereby securing the fact that you will probably never be able to afford to do this.  Of course, you can always just heat up a frozen TV dinner and then climb a tree… 


Evidently, people in the Ukraine have a very morbid sense of humor. That or very morbid eating habits.  Eternity is a death themed restaurant that was opened by the owners of a funeral parlor that wanted to give their customers some place to hang out before and after a funeral.

So, taking this whole dead theme several thousand steps too far, the constructed a restaurant in the shape of a massive coffin. In this massive coffin are yet more coffins; these line the walls along with various other pieces of death-related paraphernalia. 

Their menu included such morbidly named salads such as the “Nine Day Salad” and “Forty Day Salad.” These names are taken from local death rituals that are normally involved with a Ukrainian funeral. 

Cannibalistic Sushi

The western peoples of the world (save for your more trendy cities like New York and LA) have, historically, had a hard time with the idea of eating raw fish.  In a probable attempt to get more westerners on the raw fish bandwagon, restaurants with a very particularly theme began to sprout.   
Nyotaimori is the serving of sushi and sashimi off of the naked body of a beautiful woman. Of course, once this concept made it to U.S. Shores, it became the hottest way for people to eat cold food. But then Nyotaimori underwent a bit of an evolution. In Japan, the restaurant called Cannibalistic Sushi decided to take this idea one step further...

Instead of eating food off of a human body, why not eat from inside a human body?  When you sit down, a fake human body is wheeled out on a gurney. When you cut in to this fake body fake blood pours out and the internal organs are then exposed. Once you have dissected the body, you can then go to town on the organs which are made of sushi that has been cut in to the shape of kidneys, livers, and various other organs. 

Buns and Guns

“Sandwiches Can Kill You” is the slogan of this Beirut located restaurant that serves some typical sandwich shop type of foods, but it wraps the typically boring sandwich eating  experience in camouflage, hands it an automatic rifle, and tosses it head first in to a hellish battlefield where people are losing limbs and being blown apart by bombs.

In other words, its atmosphere is very cozy.  "We wanted to create a new, attractive idea inspired from the events that our country went through," said the restaurant’s general manager to the L.A. Times. By this he means that the restaurant was created in the aftermath of a 2006 bombing. 

Why someone would want to commemorate such an event with a cool burger joint hangout is, arguably, a little strange, but, hey, Buns and Guns does it very well. All of the food has some kind of militaristic name attributed to it like the M16 Carbine meat sandwich, or the Mortar burger. This DMZ atmosphere is further perpetuated by the stacks of sandbags that line the outside of the restaurant and the constant aural barrage of helicopter and gunfire sound effects that blare throughout the place as you eat.
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Modern Toilet

When you visit this Taiwanese restaurant you will be seated in a seat that is a toilet seat. A decorative toilet seat, of course.

The tables themselves are bathroom sinks, and the meals are served in mini-toilet bowls.

The drinks come served in (what else?) a plastic urinal. If the thought of eating noodles out of a toilet and drinking out of a urinal grosses you out, then do not order the ice cream because it comes served in a toilet bowl...and the ice cream itself is a delicious swirl of chocolate frozen yogurt.
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Mcdonalds! Its so greasy! How people can eat it is beyond me.
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Dinner at the sky is here as well, but the others make some pretty good choices for the weirdest restaurants. I mean, who WOULDN'T like his dish served in a toilet dish...

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