What Are Some Good Dares?


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1 I dare you to take of an artical of clothing.
2 I dare you to lick the person left of you.
3 I dare you to do a dance in your pajamas in front of the house.
4 I dare you to leave an ice cube in your underwear untill it melts.
5 I dare you to sit on the person right of you.
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Trade clothes
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Dare Game ,Oh wait let me get my Girlfriends on this!!.I say Dare is one of
our favorite game to play Boys with !!! ((((((LOL)))).If Boy loses dare game
He has to wear a dress at a girls party for the entire evening,Including going
Potty like a girl(Sitting on the toilet).play like a girl OHHHH I'm loving this
Talk.If he's behaved good enough like a girl He will get a prize"Really"
plus we girls get to take his picture with our camara for party picture Book
for all girls at school to see .

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