What Is The Pattern Of A Science-dama Board?


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Its Like a chessboard.. The pattern of the operations is this
[::][*][::][/][::][+][::][-]    4th row
[*][::][/][::][+][::][-][::]   3rd row
[::][-][::][+][::][/][::][*]    2nd row
[-][::][+][::][/][::][*][::]   1st row

I'm kinda tardy explaining the pattern.. There's a MDAS patter at the 4th row as you can see (Look cLearLy if you can't)

addition and division is always together in a column, the same as the subtraction and multiplication..
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SCI-DAMA and DAMATH boards are two different but related things.
Answer mentioned by first guest is for a DAMATH board as it uses all four operations.

SCI-DAMA board only uses "+" and "-".

You can see an image of it in this blog:

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