Need A Manual For Montgomery Wards Model 1964 Or Advise How To Thread Ect....?


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All machines thread basically the same.  If you have the manual for another machine use that as a guide.  Thread goes on spool.  It will then go through a thread guide, down and around the tension button. There will be a small wire.  Make sure to pull the thread up so that is catches on this wire.There will then be another thread guide.  Next feed through the thread take-up leaver from right to left. There will then be another thread guide close to the needle and then into the front of the eye of the needle.  The following web site has some good pictures to follow.  They do not show the 1964 but they have the 1960 and the 1979.  They seem to be so similar that may guess is yours will look much like what they show there.
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