How Much Was A Pound Worth In 1813 Compared To American Modern Money?


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The worth of the Pound in 1813 has more to do with it\'s purchasing power than it\'s inherent value, as we would think of money today. I have not personally done the research, but I found an article from a math teacher in the UK (Jon Ingram) who has. Coincidentally, he and I were looking to find the value of the "large fortunes" mentioned in Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice. If that happens to be what you\'re looking for, Mr. Bingley's £5000 a year is approximately $377,500 today.

If your question doesn't relate to Pride and Prejudice I suggest you read Mr. Ingram's blog entry. It is entitled "Lessons taught; Lessons learnt." This specific blog entry is "Purchasing power: The changing value of the pound"

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