How Much Does It Cost To Grade My Baseball Card?


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It will depend on the dealer that will grade your baseball card.

  • Authentication of Baseball Cards
In order for you to sell your baseball card for any amount of money you need to have it graded. You could try to sell it on eBay without getting it graded, but chances are you will only attract low bids. It is best to go to an authority or one that is recognized as an authority, to get the card graded. There are plenty of sites online and in local cities that can help you get your card graded.

  • Fees
The fees you are charged can be different based on the dealer. For example, a local store such as a baseball card shop will have to consider overheads. They may charge a higher fee than someone online. Those who are online need to see the card, so you have to trust that they will be trustworthy and ship the card back if it is of value or offer you a competitive rate for it. You should always vet the person you are going to work with. It means you need to check their credentials, ask others about the dealer, and get a couple of quotes for grading fees.

Some dealers will lump the fee in with the amount they are willing to pay you. For instance, a card in excellent shape may pay you 70% of the value, where the dealer gets 30% for selling it and grading it. It just depends on the shape of the card and the actual baseball card you have to sell.

If you do not want to sell it but just want its value, you can also try finding similar cards for sale to see what others have graded theirs at.

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