How Do I Ensure I Have Placed The Bobbin Correctly In The Sewing Machine?


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Does your bobbin have a case or is a "drop in" type? If it is a drop in, the answer is a little different from the previous answer. The thread should be dropping from the left of the bobbin as you drop it into the bobbin housing on the machine. Holding the bobbin thread in your right hand abd hold the bobbin in place with your left hand, pull the bobbin thread gently back to the left until it "catches" on a mechanism inside the bobbin housing (sorry, not sure what the mechanism is called). Release the bobbin thread, and proceed with the needle thread Take hold of the thread that has been threaded through the machine needle. Rotate the handwheel toward you until the needle disappears into the bobbin case. Keep holding on to the thread and move the handwheel so the needle is once again at its highest position. As the needle rises, a loop of bobbin thread will come up as well. Pull the thread out toward your left to draw the bobbin thread loop further out of the bobbin case. Let the top thread go and pull the bobbin thread up until the end comes up. Pull the top and bottom threads under the presser foot and to the back and right of the machine.
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I think I can help you out. Make sure that when you put the bobbin in the bobbin case that you hold the bobbin so the thread is going away from you and put it in the bobbin case, running the thread all the way under the slot. Then place the bobbin case into the machine making sure that it is locked in with the thread hanging out. After you have thread the needle, hold on to the thread and hand turn the machine so the needle goes down. When you see the thread from the needle go around the bobbin, slowly pull the thread from the needle. It should catch the thread from the bobbin and bring it up. I hope this works! I guess if I can help further let me know! Good Luck!

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