Can You Help? I Have A Commodore De Luxe Sewing Machine. I Do Not See Where I Can Fill The Bobbin. I Need Help.


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To fill the bobbin; simply do the following:

  • Find where you normally place the bobbin
  • Find where you normally put the thread
  • Take the thread and run it around the tensioner instead of routing the thread all the way to the needle
  • Run the end of the thread through the bobbin
  • Start the machine allowing you to keep the thread pulled tight
  • Once you have enough on the bobbin, cut the excess and fill the bobbin half full

Since you asked about a Commodore De Luxe Sewing Machine keep in mind that if you have used the machine before, you already know where the bobbin normally goes and where the thread goes.

If you have never used the machine, you will want to upload a picture of the machine with this question. Unfortunately, this machine is not readily available online to look at, so you have to provide a picture for someone else to help unless they have the same brand.

You can be sure that just about any sewing machine that uses a bobbin is going to allow you to fill up the bobbin in the same place it is usually placed on the sewing machine. This means you just have to find that place and use the tension bracket to wind the string around it and then run the machine to fill the bobbin.

You may also look in a library for a book about different sewing machines. You may be able to find your answer in a history of sewing machines and brands book; complete with pictures so you know where to look.

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