What's The Value Of Old Postcards?


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This is an interesting query that can be really hard to answer absolutely. Firstly, you need to think about whether or not the postcards you have been collecting have been written on. Obviously, a dealer may find it difficult to relate to a romantic note that’s been dedicated to a Susan or a David! This said, if the postcard’s main image is a rare image that is greatly sought after, you may still be able to get a fantastic offer from a dealer that specialises in postcards.

A good website that will provide information on the value of postcards from bygone eras can be found here: www.postcard.co.uk/postcard_values.php Not only will you be able to discover the usual prices a dealer will pay for a collectible postcard, but there’s the chance to gain a fascinating insight into the history into this memorabilia, and what the most popular pictures to appear on old postcards were in recent centuries. It could be argued that postcards that depict street scenes, markets and life in the 19th and 20th centuries will be far more valuable than others, simply because this offers the unrivalled opportunity to see life through the eyes of an artist many years ago. Their visual depictions of life provide an accurate and vivid context to what it must have been like to be a part of history.

Damage in the form of creases or tears on a postcard detract from its overall value, but don’t be deterred if your collectible item has been stamped. For other enthusiasts, this can be another point of interest that adds digits onto the asking price rather than reducing them. Getting an accurate estimation certainly is an art rather than a science, so don’t be afraid to get more information by asking experts and doing your homework online. Make sure you get top dollar for your collection, too!
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Prices vary a lot according to what is on the postcard. I've seen some 1907 cards selling on ebay for just a couple of dollars, while a card showing something or someone that would appeal to collectors, like a famous face, may be a lot more (I saw a picture of Lord Baden-Powell going for $25.) Of  course there are businesses that would buy your cards, but if you are Just curious you might like to look here - this site offers some information about different types of stamp.
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I have a lot of old coins, paper money, postcards, silver, copper, etc. I just want to send it all to one reputable dealer and have them look them over. Who can I contact? I live in Austin, TX. Thanks!
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I have a series of old postcards with pictures of Worlds Fair 1902 or so
any idea what they might be worth
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John F. Kennedy Birthplace
portrait of John F. Kennedy and picture of his birthplace home on Beals St
Plastichrome in Boston was the publisher
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I have a Disney World brochure from 1974 and a postcard of President Lyndon Johnson and family and the white house at the time.  Also Washington  buildings and New York (not trade center) from 1974.  Are they worth anything?
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What is the value of a 1901 postcard that shows the house that President William McKinley died in after being shot?

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