How Much Is A Jason Kidd Rookie Card Worth?


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Depending on where you try to sell your Jason Kidd rookie card, you may be able to earn between $225 and $245 for the card.

Sports cards', such as basketball cards, worth all depends on the demand for the card. It will also depend on how many of those cards are actually out there. If there were hundreds, even thousands produced you can assume you will not get as much for the card as you would for the fewer produced cards.
Jason Kidd rookie cards are high on the scale of worth. It means there are not a great deal available for sale, especially in good enough condition. The price provided is what a current rookie card of Jason Kidd is going for at an online site. If you were to use eBay you may or may not get the same price. If you take it to a local card shop you may get a different value.
To figure out the worth of the card, you should check out more than one online location and a local store. In this way you can determine what the average cost is. The numbers provided above for worth is just one option.
If you have a mint condition, never left the plastic rookie card, chances are you can get more for it. You may also find that in years to come the worth will increase. It depends on the player's career in basketball, such as when he retired, how valuable a player he was at that time and much more. With so many factors, you will find worth is subjective and therefore if you need money now you should take advantage of the going rate rather than waiting since the worth could potentially decrease over time.

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