What Are The Phrases (jargon) Used By BMX Race Riders?


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Air ram: the device that pushes the starting gate down.
Berms: the steep banks on the (turning) corners of BMX tracks.
BMX: Bicycle Motor Cross
Doubles (whoops): especially steep jumps, set out in pairs. The fastest riders jump both together.
Holeshot (snap): being in the lead from the start gate because of a fast start.
Jump: one of the steep mini-hills on a BMX track
Lip: the crest of a jump
Manual: when you lift your front wheel off the ground and freewheel (don't pedal)
Moto: BMX races (for each age/gender group) start with qualifying 'turns' or 'heats' or (in BMX speak) 'motos'. Each rider races in their group three times; the fastest riders on average, after three motos, go through to the next round.
Rhythm section: a combination of jumps placed close together. They force riders to jump, pump or manual to get through them quickly.
Speed jump: a single rounded jump.
Swoop: to pass another rider at the berm.
Table-top: Either a simple jump on the track with a flat middle section, or a trick done in the air while going over the jump that turns the bike horizontal (more for showing off than for speed!).
Triple: 3 steep jumps set out in a group of 3.
Wheelie: holding your front wheel off the ground while still pedalling; an essential skill for getting through the triples fast.
20': a standard size BMX bike, with 20' wheels
24' (cruiser): a slightly larger BMX bike, adult size.

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