How Much Do Nfl Players Get Paid?


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It's hard to say exactly how much each player gets paid because every player is different. But for the 2010 season, the NFL Collective bargaining agreement outlines the minimum salaries based on years of experience.

Here's what it says for minimum salaries:
Rookies are paid a minimum of $325,000.
For one season of experience, it's $400,000.
Two-year veterans make a minimum of $475,000.
Three years - $550,000.
Four-Six Years - $635,000
Seven-Nine Years - $760,000
Ten-plus years - $860,000

These salaries are usually just for reserves and players that the typical football fan may have never heard of. Since this is the minimum, obviously most player salaries are higher. Players participating in the playoffs are also compensated for the extra games at rates set by the CBA.
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Usually millions, depending on what position they play, usually the quarterback is the highest paid, other players will play but with a lesser salary, sometimes by millions of dollars. Hope this helps.

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