How Do You Identify A Wade Whimsie?


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I have a little Wade cottage brown brick roof and red door in front with vines growing up it. The back door has two windows and a trash can by it.  How old is it and what is it worth? I also have a blue circus elephant that is standing with one leg up. How old is it and what is it worth. I have several pieces from the sixties... But I just would like to know about these two please.
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Whimsies are miniature ceramic animal models. Sir George Wade made his first whimsies in the year 1954 and then over the next 4 years he produced ten more sets of whimsies. Then throughout the 1980s he made miniature house models based on a popular British mythical village. If you wish to identify a model which was made after 1960 check on the bottom for a ribbed base. If you find that you can identify the whimsie. Then there are certain marks and ink stamps on the back of the whimsies that vary from model to model.

Some of them even have an ink stamp on the base, but usually most of them have a black and gold label on the base of the models. They are usually sold in box sets of 5 and these boxes are all different in colours varying from model to model.

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