How Do You Get To Alton Towers From Belfast In Northern Ireland?


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Head east on A1/Donegall Square N toward Donegall Pl and continue on A20/Chichester St. Then, turn left at A24/Victoria St.
Turn Slightly towards right at A2/Victoria St and later turn right at A2/Waring St. Continue to follow A2, take the ramp onto M3 and continue on M2. At Junction 1, exit towards Docks. At Fortwilliam Roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Dargan Rd and later turn left to stay on Dargan Rd. Turn right at W Bank Rd.Take the Belfast - Stranraer ferry to Dumfries.

Entering Scotland

Continue straight.Turn right toward A717/Cairnryan Rd.Turn lefTurn left at A717/Cairnryan Rdt toward A717/Cairnryan Rd.Turn right at A77/Stair Dr.Turn left at A75/London Rd.Continue to follow A75 and go through one roundabout. Turn left at A712.Turn left at A762/High St. Continue to follow High St and continue on A712. Turn right at A713. Turn left at A712. Turn left at A75/Castle Douglas Rd and continue to follow A75.
Go through 7 roundabouts. Take the ramp to Carlisle/M6 and merge into A74.

Entering England

Continue on M6 (signs for Penrith/M6). At junction 15, exit toward Stoke on Trent/Stone/Eccleshall/A500. Then, merge into A500 NORT and go through one roundabout. Take the exit, keep right at the fort and at roundabout take the second exit onto A50. Then, take the A521 exit and at the roundabout take the second exit onto A521/Uttoxeter Rd. Turn left at A521/Cheadle rd., then turn right at A522 Tape rd., then turn left at B5417/Queen Street, then turn left at B5417/Oakamoor Rd., then turn right at Beelow Lane, continue on Wootton Lane and finally, turn right at Farley Lane.

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