How Do I Win Powerball Numbers?


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Getting three numbers on the power bowl does this mean I won $7.00
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There are nine different ways to win the Powerball lottery. Each player chooses or has a computerised random selection of 6 numbers. The winning numbers must match those drawn, though the numbers can be in any order.

The winning combinations pay according to the amount of numbers you have matched, and also take into consideration the colours of the balls that you have matched. The more you have matched, the higher the pay.

The jackpot is the highest possible payout as the odds of winning are the widest. All the numbers must match those drawn, and the payout is the jackpot amount. This changes each draw and depends upon the number of participants and the money staked.

The next highest payout is the matching of all 5 white balls, which pays out $200,000. Four white balls and one red pay $10,000, whilst any four matched balls combination pays $100. From here, the payouts are very low, with $7 for any three ball combination, $4 for one white and one red ball, and $3 for a single matching number.

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