How Do You Put A Paintball Gun Back Together?


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Paintball is a game where the participants of the game pelt each other with marble sized pellets of coloured goo. There are several versions of this game and is very popular. The pellets are aimed at each other with the help of a gun which is specifically made for this purpose of playing paintball. It is known for its fast pace and is called as an extreme sport. It requires a lot of agility, stamina, tact and good aiming skills to play this game and win it.

The paintball gun is also known as the paintball marker. It is possible to clean the gun by dissembling it and then assembling it all over again all by yourself without any help from others. You can get detailed and step by step instructions on how to put together or assemble a paintball marker or gun from internet sites. One such site is You can also see a video with step by step instructions on assembling a paintball marker or gun from another website

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