What Are Forecast Bets?


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There are three type of forecast bet available. There are the straight forecast, the reverse forecast and the combination forecast. A straight forecast is when you choose two selections in the same race, to come first and second. You write them in the order that you expect them to win. In both horse and greyhound racing, the amount won depends on the starting price of the selections in that race.

The reverse forecast is where you choose two selections in the same race, but they can come in first and second either way around. This is the same as two forecasts and so is counted as two bets. Again, the amount paid out depends upon the starting price of the selection. A combination forecast requires three or more selections in the same race. Two of the selections must come in first and second place, in any order. The number of bets placed depends upon the number of selections chosen.
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When you have to collect the horse poo after you lost the bet.

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Hey. You can find articles about this in internet. A forecast is a type of bet in which the bettor tries to predict both the 1st and 2nd placed entrants in a particular event. It is commonly offered to bettors placing bets on greyhound and horse races. There are 3 types of forecast bet; a straight forecast, a reverse forecast and a combination forecast. By the way if you bet on sport, I can share this live scores https://azscore.com/ site for you.

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