How Much Does A Pro Motocross Rider Earn A Year?


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How much a motocross riders earns in a year really depends on their success. 

Chad Stewart earns $385k a year, while second placed Chad Reed makes $175k. 
In third is Tim Ferry with $90k.
The thing to remember is that these top earners actually earn there money through a combination of things:
  • race wins, 
  • purse money,
  •  team salaries, 
  • endorsements
  • championship bonuses

If you were just starting out or establishing yourself, most of these sources of income wouldn't be available - and you'd probably need to keep a second job going to get by.
Personally, I think that sucks.
Motocross riders are some of the most dedicated and hardworking people I know.
And also, there's the high risk factor to consider. 
Just look at that 16 year old from California and what happened to him:

Goes to show that motocross isn't lucrative at the grassroots, and things could end out pretty badly. But thats not gonna kill my passion for motocross. No way!
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It does depend on skill levels, but generally Motocross isn't big for a player, just a business, not like F1 of Football. If you are the best you will have sponsors throwing their money at you, but reasonably skilled riders would struggle to make a living out of it.

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