Where Can I Find Printable Blank Baby Bingo Cards?


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Free printable bingo cards for baby showers

There are a number of different sources for free, printable baby shower bingo cards, as you'll see from those listed below:

1. Catch My Party


3. Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

4. Bunny Bingo

This picture is by way of illustration only, as Bunny Bingo say that, if you contact them, they will send you a free PDF printable version.

What other games can you play at a baby shower?

Apart from bingo, have you thought of any other games you could play at the baby shower? If not, there are lots of good suggestions here, at Best Baby Shower Ideas

What if your friend or relation is not pregnant, but is adopting a child?

Something else that I came across, while I was researching this answer - and really liked - was a selection games for use at adoption baby showers - which I think are a lovely idea.

Many of them can be used for traditional baby showers, too - so do take a look at the suggestions listed on the website, Child Adoption Matters.

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Found a really cute one on this site- hope this helps and the baby shower hasn't already passed!!

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