Why Do People 'Live For The Weekend'?


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Weekend means relaxation. Relaxation from the work pressure / work load from the work done throughout the weak.
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Many people claim to 'live for the weekend' because they are unfulfilled by their nine to five existence. This means that they do not enjoy their job and therefore, the weekend is the only time that they are actually alive. This seems a rather sad state of affairs.

When one examines how people who claim to be 'living' for the weekend actually spend their time, they are usually engaged in mindless activity, sat in front of the television box, or out getting drunk, although this is a generalisation, that does not mean it isn't true.

Alcohol is a basically an anaesthetic, it stops people feeling, it numbs the pain of the week. This seems like a sad waste of life, life is not to work only without personal reward, we have to find some way to enjoy this life, not just the sad fringe between Friday and Monday. Otherwise, what is life?
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sara denning
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That's when they should look for a job that they do like instead of staying where they are not happy. The weekend for me is that i get to spend time with my kids and they don't have school and i don't have work
sara denning
sara denning commented
That's when they should look for a job that they do like instead of staying where they are not happy. The weekend for me is that i get to spend time with my kids and they don't have school and i don't have work
Delisa fryer
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I agree
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There are certainly good points in the answers by lovelyme & epictetus; however, as I have "matured" [ aged :) ] I find that it has a new meaning for me.

While one's work/job/career may be unfullfilling and lead to the behaviors that epictetus describes, for others it is a "pleasurable" escape from one's work/job/career.

Regardless of how much one loves (or hates) their work/job/career, everyone does need some "down time" away from whatever they are doing. It truly is the only way that one can come back to their "occupation," and feel refreshed.

Over the years I have done many things. I owned my own business for over 25 years, and after selling it, went back to college & finished my B.A. I then spent time climbing the corporate ladder. What I found is that even in the "best" (& worst) of those years, I needed time to unwind & do something/anything other than my "job."

I have many interests: Travel, Architecture, Chess, Music, Theatre, Cars, Movies, History, Hiking, Boating, Fishing, Sports. I also have 7 adult children & 9 (soon to be 10) grandchildren. They "deserve" my time and attention, & without the "weekend," I wouldn't have time to spend with them, let alone "recharge" my "batteries."


Thanks for the Q, it is a good one! Woodstock :)
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I think the "live for the weekend" thing all starts because you go to school for 12 years (or more) of your life, and you ALWAYS have Saturday and Sunday off. So, when you get older and start working, you still have the mentality that the weekend is the best part of the week. I work 6 days a week, only have Sunday off, so I live for my Sundays! Everyone needs time to rest and party of course! If you don't have down time in your life, what are you working for?
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For me the weekend means alone time for my husband and I. Or h\if he has to work then it's 'ME' time. We get to do things we don't have time to do during the week or if it's a rainy weekend I LOVE curling up on the couch with a blanket and watch movies or read my book. Yes, we have no kids so I can do this. Also I still get that 'nothing better then' feeling like I would get in grade school about TGIF and having a whole weekend ahead of me. Weekends just rule, unless you work them.
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I loved my job, but I still looked forward to the weekends when there was no regimen, no decisions, no pressure, and no dealing with bosses or employees. We need to be refreshed, and we need some time to take care of ourselves. There are things we don't have time to do during the week, and weekends allow us to do those things. They are very important to our well-being.
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Hi live for the weekend is a relaxation of the workers who can have their holiday , or do their housework, these 2 days can let them do what they prefer. I think it's a kind of their private days as sometimes they can invite their friend to come and join them or going to see their family, it's important as well to living for the weekend.
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People who live for the weekend may be the people who holds on to nine to five job and looks forward to weekend as a means of a they could be lazy for the whole two days which is exactly the opposite of five stressful days...
Or in my case,I live for the weekend for it is the time where I still work but these are the days where I get to work with the people I really like.. :-)
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People normally live for weekend to enjoy themselves or do work around the house, like "hunny does". Also to just do a little R & R.
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I believe that people live for the weekend because they spend the other five days a week working . They need time for themselves to do things they enjoy or maybe just relax and wind down . To get away from the stresses of everyday life.
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Obviously we all feel the same.....NOT WORKING!!!
The pressure is off and the time belongs to you and you can do as you please....
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"Living for the weekend" is just a symptom of a sick society.

One can say "they should get a job they like" one is actually showing grand naivety. Its just not possible for everyone in the world to get a job they like.

The underlying reason for our sick society is the false impression of scarcity that we all perceive. This is due to the monetary system we got and the fact that to even get a moderate comfort of living we need to go into debt, because we need to loan something because living is expensive since its a scarcity.

Thus we are all deep down slavs working on endless debt with the vague promise of finally being truly free when we get old.

The weekend help relive this feeling (that many really can not put words on) since we can be "free" for two days. Free to do what we like and also rest. Some people simply do not have time to get a proper hobby, and take the easy way of drinking to have "fun".

Why is it so? We are brainwashing our self into thinking thats how it should be," its just how it is." Its is a sate state humanity is in, but hope is not lost. One just need to be mindful of this things and understand that a material viewpoint is in itself not a way to happiness at all, but it is forced on us by our self due to our unwillingness to change, since most of us are afraid of change.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
- Krishnamurti
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People who hate their lives and need to escape from the people who they are forced to see everyday tend to wait for the weekend to come so they can enjoy themselves.

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I live 4 the weekend b/c I get to spind time with the people I love the most like my grandma,grandpa and soon to be my little girl kara .
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Most People who posses the whole living for the weekend mentallity don't have jobs and don't work so I would have thought that every day was like the weekend for them .

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