Why Do People Drink Alcohol?


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People drink alcohol for a number of reasons.

Having a drink lowers inhibitions and makes a person more extroverted, which can be a good thing in certain social situations.

A moderate amount of alcohol can also help a person relax or unwind.     

However, too much alcohol can cause serious health problems - and getting too drunk and out of control is outright dangerous!

Why people drink
Everyone will have their own individual reasons for enjoying a tipple. Some people enjoy a glass of wine after work to unwind, whilst others rely on drink to distance themselves from the realities of their daily lives.

Some people drink to give themselves  courage or to feel more sociable, whilst others favor alcohol as a means of simply having fun!

The important thing to remember is that, alcohol, like any good thing, can be harmful in large amounts. Whilst enjoying drinks with friends is widely regarded is a pleasant experience by millions of people every Friday and Saturday night, abusing alcohol is not a good idea.

People who drink too much often end up destroying their health - and the relationships they hold most important!
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Younger people drink alcohol because they think it is cool because the older kids do and they look up to their elders.

They think it is all right, but it isn't!

People also drink to take their minds off of other stuff that is going on inside their head, and personal stuff - all their problems and stress.
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My long term ex-partner (Ange) drank because she couldn't stand the stress and demands of modern life.

Sadly, she also underwent a severe personality change - a once warm, loving, funny and generous woman became cold, detached, dismissive and unloving.

She said she wanted more out of life, but instead lost her partner (me), her home and her job which she loved so much. Now she has lost her daughter (Liz) and access to grand-kids through alcoholism.

Family members can only take so much abuse, pain, suffering and misery - we tried to help her stop drinking, but she wasn't interested. Now Ange has no family anymore, just some muppet toyboy she met off the Internet for sex and booze sessions. Funny how wanting 'more' gets you a whole lot less!

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Because it gives you buzz, but the buzz doesn't last for long. Then you go into a depression.
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I drink it when I am in the mood, and my fiance drinks it to go to sleep.
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Yahh you shouldn't use alcohol to help go to sleep...eventually he's going to get addicted because he has become dependant on it to help him go to sleep...if he has sleeping problems he should go see a doctor
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There are many reason of drinking alcohol:

If you ask this question from different people, then you will get different answers like:

  • sociability
  • to relax
  • like the taste
  • get drunk
  • feel at ease
  • because everybody drinks
  • to get intoxicated

So, every body who is addicted to any thing gives some reasons according to his own thinking.
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Easy question this one.

It is socially acceptable and is usually a really good way to not only to socialize but also increases one's confidence and inhibitions.

Although it has many negative effects, all in moderation is more than OK, I'd say. Believe me when I tell you this when people are slightly drunk or tipsy you find you may get on better with others as well.
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People drink because they can't find happiness and acceptance in the world. They have just given up. It's a sign of weakness.
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People drink alcohol for a lot of different reasons, but the main one is to have a good time. (Slightly ironic considering it is a depressant)

Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and defences. This can be seen as a good and bad thing. While it can make you the life and soul of the party it can also make you very vulnerable.

Some people drink for escapism. Alcohol has an addictive quality and it is easy to abuse. Some people drink to avoid or 'forget' their problems and anxieties. This is a very destructive way of drinking. That person will alienate themselves from their friends and family and start to cause themselves serious mental and physical health problems. It is important for them to get help.

When drinking alcohol (especially if excessively) people can undergo drastic personality and mood changes. Often this is a negative change eg. moody or violent.

Some people also drink one small glass of red wine a day. It is said to be good for your health by thinning your blood.
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Drug kills to you faster than expected and alcohol over a period of time. But you do die anyway in the end?

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They want to stay in social because nowadays in the social many people drink alcohol so this cause can bring man that doesn't drink can come to drink if man doesn't drink they can't stay in the social 
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People drink because they think that it's the only solution to make them feel better. Some also think that it's better to drink because they can't solve any of their problems.
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People drink so that they can feel good.

They do it so they can be free from stuff, like if they have a baby and the daddy is not there, they will have something to drink so they can stop thinking about the baby daddy and what they will do to them.

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