How Well Do You Know The Groom Game?


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To play the groom game, you have to have the groom and about three or four of his male friends come to the bridal shower for just a few minutes. Then the bride has to be blindfolded and the groom and the other men have to roll up the legs of their trousers up to their knees. The bride has to feel each of the men's legs and find out which of the men is her groom.

Another popular groom game is called Groom in a Balloon. You need a sheet of paper, balloons, a pen or a marker, a pair of scissors and a list of duds and one hunk. You have to keep in mind that the name of the hunk should be the name of the groom. These names have to be written on slip of paper, rolled up and put into the balloons. The balloons have to be blown and given out to each guest, who will then pop them. Some of the guests will get the duds' names, and the hunk's name may go to someone else.

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